For us, quality is more than a certification or meeting customer expectations. But of course we have certified in various standarts like IATF 16949, ISO 45001, ISO 14001. Our vision is to produce parts with desired quality.


In order to ensure the best quality, we use:

  • Gauge Technologies capable of checking products with data collections or attributive checks,
  • Experienced, well trained and equipped team with 10 years' experiance,
  • Audits done internally by customers or 3rd party companies to ensure continuity of improvement.


  • Dimensional test lab that is capable of making various types of dimensional measurements with CMM, profile etc.
  • Performance testing lab with abilities to do cut and edge testings. Push and pull testings and force measurements.

KPIs - Data Monitoring

As it is said, "what you can measure, you can improve" and it is exactly one of our main focus to become one of the best global stamping supplier. To help that we have a real time, very comprehensive production and operations data management system linked with ERP system that allow to analyse, to optimize all processes continuously and to ensure the lowest possible defect rates, break downs with max efficiency. We are able to monitor availability, productivity, COPQ, OEE, operator performance, production, and machine activity & utilization. OEE trends in our complete production shop floor and reacts in a timely manner.

All the improvements we do with the help of our systematic data driven approach also pays off high customer satisfaction that has proven year by year with KPIs that are recording/tracking